August 24, 2010

i blog therefore i'm spam

August 23, 2010


Jan McTan takes her baby, Dan, to the coffee shop, at precisely three each weekday, to meet her Mommy Coffee Group. Dan and the other coffee babies aren't even big enough to get out of their buggies yet. Or maybe they’re just not allowed out.
The Coffee Mommies sit there and drink complex coffee drinks. Chit-chatting away, while the babies stare up at the ceiling.
To Dan, the world appears a scary place, until a random coffee shop weirdo puts his dreadlocks over the stroller and babababababaaahhhhhs.


Rosarita was a hot senorita,
A hot senorita indeed.
I met her at a Christmas party.
I asked her if she'd dance with me.
I asked her nice, I even said please.
But Rosarita didn’t want to dance with me.
She said she was a lesbian bisexual identified
in the same sentence she told me she was from Topeka.