August 3, 2018

Oliver Owl had a great night

Oliver Owl was super tired last night. But his hair looked incredible, and he was nocturnal, so he went out.

June 25, 2018

Your Grace

It’s only been a couple of weeks now
Since you said goodbye
But you just don’t seem gone yet
Even though i keep crying

Everywhere i see your face
Everyplace feel your embrace

I wonder how i could have kept you
Though I know that’s a lie
Maybe with your heavenly new view
You can finally fly.

But I’ll never forget your face
The mark you make upon this place

What you created in this house
The foundation and walls
Stand firmer now than ever
Even after you're gone

The dust of you leaves but a trace
Yet we’re all filled by by your grace

After all
All is all.

May 10, 2018

My Buddy Buddy

My buddy Buddy's been getting a lot of attention lately,

Ever since our boy became his late brother,

He's become much sweeter.

Or maybe I just didn't give him the attention he so needed.

As I lavished it on my boy,

Who needed it more. 

Needed me.

But he's gone,

And I really need my Buddy.


He's right here,

Staring me in the eye,

Taking me in.

April 27, 2018

Hold Us Up

Bass lines never lie.
Heavenly bodies know,
Heavenly tones don’t go undetected
Though they often go unheard.

Forget bowing your ear to listen, though,
You’ll simply never hear.
Just close your eyes to see
It’s all happening right here.

Right there, so close…
Just don’t reach
Or you’ll never touch.

Such elusive frequencies,
Why must we know so much?
Can’t we feel our way through?
Isn’t it easier to bounce?

We’re just floating anyways.

Such blessed tones
All's light in all,
Effervescent to the touch
Yet heavy enough to somehow hold us up.

April 18, 2018

My Boy

It was love at first sight,
Though we didn’t quite get along,
You tried to eat kitty,
My girlfriend wanted you gone.
But you were mine,
I looked you in the eye,
I told you I’d love you,
I told you I’d try,
I read all the books,
I paid all the bills,
Made said girlfriend my wife,
To give you stronger will.
But you gave back infinitely more,
Taught us there’s grace in opening our door.
That kitty’s now your brother,
My wife your ma,
Our forever family,
Even now that your gone.
We tried our best to keep you happy, boy,
When we took you in,
I guess you couldn’t have asked for much more,
And in the end, neither could I.