August 4, 2010

Sucker-Punch Sam

I don't have any angle really. I don't have a goal. No subtext.

Just trying to have a good time. You know. Without hurting anyone.

But if you have a problem with that, world. I will kick your ass.


Anonymous said...

Im diggin the stuff my friend. Is the art yours as well? I am not sure you realized this, but I think you should change this title to Walton! Why????? Look at it again and tell me this is not a dead ringer for Bill!

Adam Freeman Pockross said...

it's actually supposed to be a portrait of Samuel Beckett. This one is a photograph i took of one of the first paintings i ever did, which was only a couple years back now. i't actually more of a water color on cardboard with some charcoal.

But I'm down with Bill Walton too.