February 4, 2011

Hot Shot

Check out the following YouTube clip of a frat boy doing a flaming shot for the camera:

He’s obviously reached the point of the night where if he drinks another shot he’ll likely die. But he's got a shot in front of him, so what choice does he have? 

Not only does he give it the 'ol college try, he lights it on fire first. But since he's super-saturated, he does what any good frat guy would do in that situation: he pours it all over his face -- like a man.

Unfortunately, he forgot to blow out the drink first. Yeah. He burns. It’s hilarious. His face catches fire, and then, as he’s trying to pat it out, the rest of him goes up like The Human Torch.

But what’s even better is that’s the last of this guy’s 15 seconds of fame. He used it all up. And believe me girls and boys, you don’t get 15 minutes these days. Not no more. What with the interweb and all this text messaging and what have you. People just don't have long enough attention spans.

So I guess the lesson here is to make sure, when it’s your time to go viral, you’re doing something as awesome as this guy.  

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