August 20, 2011


That last blog post i created was the first one i did in some time. Not since i started working, coincidentally.

To save you the click, here's all it said:

i blogthereforei'm spam
Can you tell how much effort i put into it?

Anywho, i have a tendency to over-edit myself, which has been holding me back from getting anything posted; that and the fact that all i wanna do is nothing once i come home from using my brain all day long.

So during this nothingness, i was coasting Facebook and noticed one of my "friends" posted the following: "if you want to increase your page views, tag your blog post with the keyword religion!"

i was intrigued. But in order to attempt the experiment, i would first need to post something. Anything! But it's been just so hard to post even anything. So hard to have my own thoughts after cranking out work thoughts all day. And twice as hard to edit those thoughts to the point where they actually communicate and entertain.

But for some reason, I really wanted to tag my blogpost religion. So I just did it. I threw caution to the wind. I barely even edited! I just up and posted that five-word sentence! Like Marc Zuckerberg!

The next day, I checked the stats. My Facebook friend was right: In a 24-hour period, I got my second highest page views ever. Granted, everyone who viewed it hated it, but that's not the point, is it?

Anyway, this blog has been tagged with the keyword religion.

1 comment:

John said...

You write... People read. Therfore taketime to consider your audience. Sean Connery was NOT the original 007. Barry Nelson was. Anyone who considers themselves a fan of 007, knows that.
Any self respecting journalist would not make such a faux pas.
Just sayin dude.